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For over 15 years RAS Custom formerly known as RAS Service & Consulting has been providing profession product development, prototyping, production, and rework services for small companies and individuals in the heart of the United States.  Based in Kansas, RAS Custom has provided product development services for companies in the region and beyond.

By focusing on maintaining a low overhead RAS Custom has been able to provide a unique service to small companies and individuals by tuning ideas into prototypes and prototypes into professional drawings that are production ready.  With a little schedule flexibility these projects can be done for a fraction of the cost of larger design/consulting firms.  

Design service projects range from kitchen utensils to 50 ton custom assembly presses; from mower attachments to truck mounted commercial telescoping cranes; and from airplane hopper dump door R&D test units to custom one of a kind lion enrichment devices.  We specialize in 3D development , structural sheetmetal, welding, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, pneumatic systems, and production drawings.

If your small company has a great idea but does not have the internal resources or a 6 or 7 figure engineering budget to get it ready for production then RAS Custom might be the solution that your company needs.

Contact us at sales@rascustom.com and we can determine if RAS Custom's skillset is a good fit for your organization to help turn your ideas into products. 

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